Guidance for School level competitive exams in India

IPM Maths Scholarship Exam


Mathematics Scholarship Examination is a Competitive Examination conducted by the Institute for Promotion of Mathematics for various standards where the mathematical skills, mental ability, calculation speed, critical analysis and accuracy of a child & application of short-cut methods are tested. Any student studying in Stds.III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII & IX of any Recognised school with S.S.C, I.C.S.E or C.B.S.E pattern is eligible to appear for the All India Open Mathematics Schalarship Examination. For complete details of the exam, please visit their official site – IPM India.

How to enrolĀ  for the exam ?

The exam is conducted in February each year. The examination fee per student is Rs.200. Kamat’s Education Centre is an official mentor centre for IPM exams. Admission for the exam can be done through us.

Our coaching programme –

We provide classroom coaching for the examination at Goregaon (East) for students of Std 5 to 9. The batches for February 2015 exams will start from June 2014. All interested students should contact us for detailed schedule and fee structure.