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Ganit Prabhutva

Mumbai Maths Association (Mumbai Ganit Mandal) has been championing the cause for maths awareness among school students for a long time. They conduct multiple maths related initiatives – Maths Concept Exam, Ganit Prabhutva Exam, Maths Quiz to name a few. Please visit their official site to know their initiatives better.

Ganit Prabhutva Exam is an advanced level Maths exam conducted for students of Standard 5 and Standard 8. This exam is completely subjective (no MCQs) in nature and comprises of complex problems with solutions that require a lot of critical thinking. Exam is conducted in two phases – first phase is conducted in August and selected students appear for the second phase in Jan/Feb of the same academic year.

Kamat Education Centre (KEC) conducts coaching and training sessions for students to prepare for this exam. Classroom coaching is available in Mumbai (Goregaon). Please reach out to us through contact form or on 9821 00 55 00 in case of any queries.