Guidance for School level competitive exams in India

Competitive Exams – An overview


We at Kamat’s Education Centre (the people behind have been nurturing students by coaching them for various competitive examinations over the last decade.

In today’s environment, exposure to various types of competitive exams in different subjects at different levels is a must. Parents should strive to achieve competency of their child on a large domain rather than settling for scores gained in school exams.

In science, various competitive exams are conducted at different levels. Unlike school tests these are very dynamic examinations of different kinds. They do not have a prescribed text book or a well defined syllabus. Most of them do not require you to write long subjective answers in impeccable handwriting or draw neat diagrams to secure merit. There exams are based on understanding concepts, their day to day application, visualization, looking at any problem from different perspectives, social and scientific awareness, educated deduction of answers and strong time management and elimination skills.

For starters, students should be comfortable with multiple choice questions (MCQs) and shading OMR answer sheets as most of the exams are MCQ based. There is a need to practice different kinds of MCQs, learn to reach the right answer by deducing or by elimination and manage time well across each question.

At school level, competitive examinations focus mainly on Science, Maths, English, Logical Aptitude and General Awareness. They give you a fair idea about the kind of exams that you would need to tackle later in you academic life – the JEEs, CAT, CETs.

In order to encourage students to study beyond what their school curriculum feeds them with and to develop strong aptitude towards these competitive exams, we train students for the same at Kamat’s Education Centre.

At present, we provide courses for –

  1. Institute for Promotion of Maths-IPM Maths Scholarship Exams -Std 2 to 9
  2. Dr. CV Raman Science Talent Search Exam – Std 5 & 8
  3. Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Exam – Std 6 & 9. We have a full-fledged website dedicated for the Homi Bhabha Junior Scientist Exam. Visit it at 
  4. Ganeet Pravinya/Pradnya Exam – Std 5 & 8

All the classroom coaching takes place in Goregaon(E) at Kamat’s Education Centre. Correspondence courses are available for students all over Maharashtra. All the details regarding our courses have been put up on the site. But in case of any clarification or query, please use the contact form to send us a mail. Or you can directly call us on 9821 00 55 00.

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